DOPS – Flyers Paul Crowder Suspended For 1 Game

November 25, 2018 3:12 pm

Saturday night in Dundee, during the game between the Dundee Stars and the Fife Flyers, an incident occurred, deemed charging by the game officials, that was reviewed by the EIHL Department of Player Safety, involving Fife Flyers forward #80 Paul Crowder .

After review of the video footage, it has been determined by the EIHL Department of Player Safety, that supplementary discipline is required. The incident is deemed Category 1 – ‘Careless’, meaning: insufficient attention or thought to avoid harm or error, that is liable to happen as a consequence of, or by, intending to affect an opponent through a reactionary or accidental motion; or the incident is deemed careless causing negligence.

On the same shift and immediately before the incident, Dundee Stars #43 Fabrizio Ricci chips the puck towards the attacking zone at approximately the centre line. Fife Flyers #80 Paul Crowder, located at the centre line, makes a defensive body check. The contact occurred with Paul Crowder flat footed and no angle approach to make contact. The outcome is that Paul Crowder, who is flat footed and not skating and due to Fabrizio Ricci having speed (skating), is run over. It is felt this created an emotion for Paul Crowder to feel he has to make some kind of revenge. Immediately after the centre ice contact, Fabrizio Ricci skates into the attacking zone and plays the puck back into the corner. Being a left hand shot and in chipping the puck back down into the corner with another Fife Flyers player on him, Fabrizio Ricci has his back to Paul Crowder and is unsuspecting of the contact Paul Crowder makes.

The reason for supplementary discipline, beside the contact being a revenge type action, is that Paul Crowder loads up before the check to elevate, puts his stick straight up in the air (no regard for the puck), separates and extends his hands and makes contact to the opposing players head, causing an apparent injury. Paul Crowder had the option and ability to make a legal check through the use of his shoulder and avoid head contact.

Effective immediately, Paul Crowder is suspended for 1 game.

Key Points:

  1. Contact to the head
  2. Elevation and separation of the hands to make contact
  3. Unsuspecting
  4. Category 1 – Careless

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