February 3, 2019 1:59 pm

On 02/02/2019, during the game between the Belfast Giants and the Coventry Blaze an incident occurred, deemed as Tripping. The incident was reviewed by the EIHL Department of Player Safety.

On review of the video footage, it has been determined by the EIHL DOPS that supplementary discipline is required.  The incident is deemed as Category 1 – ‘Careless’ – insufficient attention or thought to avoid harm or error. It is liable to happen as a consequence of, by intending to affect an opponent through a reactionary or accidental motion; or the incident is deemed careless caused by negligence.

With the Coventry Blaze on a 5-on-3 powerplay, #28 Justin Hache took a shot from the high slot, which was blocked, creating a turn over. Belfast Giants #39 Patrick Dwyer was the player who gained puck possession and immediately turned up ice to get the puck out of their own zone. Considering the Belfast Giants were on the penalty kill, the main objective is to get the puck out of the zone (usually the length of ice). Instead, Belfast Giants #39 Patrick Dwyer does more of a chip play, chipping the puck towards the boards and turning his skating lane towards the middle of the ice. This creates a broken play- evident by Dwyer’s other two line-mates initially heading for a line change. Consideration for Dwyer’s puck decision and body movement was taken into consideration and deemed part of, but not the primary cause of, knee contact.

As the video shows, Hache has probable cause to make a body check. With the impending body check about to occur, Hache reverses from backwards out of the attacking zone to a forward attack, creating a head on approach (no angling approach).  A head on (180 degree) approach into contact means that Hache has the primary responsibility to make body to body contact. Instead, and the reason for supplementary discipline, is the contact is not body to body – but knee to knee. Although accidental (as it is an intended legal body check gone wrong), the responsibility is on Hache to avoid knee to knee contact. The contact is deemed kneeing, recklessly endangering and avoidable. There was an apparent injury on the play.

Effective immediately, Coventry Blaze #28 Justin Hache is suspended for 2 games.

Key Points:

  • Knee on knee contact
  • Deemed avoidable
  • Recklessly endangering
  • Category 1 – Careless
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