February 14, 2019 7:59 am

On Sunday 10/02/2019, an incident occurred, deemed as a check to the head. The incident was reviewed by the EIHL DOPS.

On review of the video footage, it has been determined by the EIHL DOPS that supplementary discipline is required. The incident is deemed as Category 1 – ‘Careless’ – insufficient attention, or thought, to avoid harm or error. It is liable to happen as a consequence of, or by intending to, affect an opponent through a reactionary or accidental motion; or the incident is deemed careless caused by negligence.

As the video shows, a Fife Flyers player enters the attacking zone as the puck carrier. When entering the attacking zone, the opposing player cuts to the middle of the ice. Being a right hand shot, he shovels the puck to his left and, in doing so, maintained his sight line to his left. Although the check may seem unsuspecting, in the view of the DOPS it is not. The opposing player has to be aware of his surroundings and not follow the puck in the opposite direction he is skating.

What the opposing player can not be prepared for, and the reason for supplementary discipline, is the fact Manchester Storm #34 Dane Byers elevated up and into the head area of the opposing player. Immediately before the check, Byers released his left hand (bottom hand) from his stick. This action allowed Byers to separate and elevate his hands up and out. Instead of making a check with his shoulder, Byers instead elevated his stick straight up, elevated his arms and made a check head-on with the primary contact through the arms to the head area of the opposing player. The check is considered a check to the head and reckless. With the size of Dane Byers, simply staying plain (not elevating) and making a check through the use of his shoulder would eliminate contact to the head.

Effective immediately, Manchester Storm #34 Dane Byers is suspended for 1 game.

Key Points:

  1. Check to the head
  2. Primary contact through arms to opposing players head
  3. Recklessly endangering
  4. Category 1 – Careless
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