February 24, 2019 3:00 pm

On Saturday 23/02/2019, an incident occurred, deemed as a check to the head. The incident was reviewed by the EIHL DOPS.

Upon review of the video footage, it has been determined by the EIHL DOPS that supplementary discipline is required. The incident is deemed a Category 2 – ‘Reckless’ – a deliberate and/or dangerous action with no concern for the result, with a conscious action to provoke, through intent and a wilful purpose. Injury is not the determining factor, but can be considered as influential means to the decision.

After Coventry Blaze #9 Ben Lake received a pass in an end zone break-out, he turned up ice to leave his defending zone. Reading the play, Sheffield Steelers #23 Jordan Owens skated at Lake to make a body check. This is a play that occurs frequently in the game and the players are accustomed to. What a player is not accustomed to however, is the contact point, and direct contact, to the head of the opposing player. The incident was reviewed and was conclusively determined that the hit is clearly a check to the head which is deemed as avoidable. As the video shows, Owens had no regard for the puck (visible by the location of his stick up in the air and away from the puck). With no regard for the puck, his thought process was a body check. However, in having no regard for the puck and making a body check, the onus is all on Owens to make a legal check and avoid head contact. Instead, Owens’ contact was primarily to the head of Lake with little to no body contact. In addition, Owens removed his bottom hand (left arm) from his stick which gave his left side (left shoulder contact) the ability to elevate up and into the head of the opposing player. These type of head checks are very avoidable and deemed very dangerous.

Effective immediately, Sheffield Steelers #23 Jordan Owens is suspended for 3 games.

Key Points:

  1. Check to the head
  2. Primary contact to opposing players head
  3. Reckless & endangering
  4. Category 2
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