Player of Week 28: Anthony DeLuca

March 19, 2019 9:56 am

With four goals and an assist as his side beat league-leaders Cardiff, our Player of Week 28 is Steelers’ Anthony DeLuca!

“It felt really good! These were two big points for the team, and was definitely a push we needed heading towards the playoffs,” said the forward. “I’m just glad I could help out. The two points for the team was bigger than anything else, for sure.”

“It’s always hard when you come into  team late to a season, but the other players helped me out a lot with that,” explained DeLuca, who arrived in Sheffield in November. “I really have them to thanks for making it easy. They moulded me into the team and I’m loving it so far. The atmosphere here is great, playing in front of big crowds gives it that professional edge, and it’s a very well-run organisation.”

DeLuca played last season in Denmark, before then returning home and coming over to Sheffield, putting up 39 points in 47 METAL Ligaen games. “The UK is definitely known as one of the more physical leagues in Europe,” said the native of Quebec. “Denmark was definitely fun, and I had a really good time playing there, but now I’m very happy to be in Sheffield as the setup is very good, and we’re very lucky to have what we have.”

The Steelers haven’t had the season they wanted, but with a playoff place almost secured the team are now focussed on the next task as DeLuca explained: “The playoffs are like the second season, you have to make it there but then anything can happen – especially when it’s not  a ‘best of seven’ series. The games come quick, so you have to be focussed to have a good first game and then go and clutch it out in the second. It’s going to be my first experience of this format, aside from the cup games, and it should be good.”

Lastly, what about the man behind the bench in Sheffield? “I love working with Tom Barrasso. He’s a guy that doesn’t talk too much, but when he does you listen. He’s helped me a lot since I got here – sometimes he doesn’t necessarily need to say something for you to understand, but you know what he wants is for the better of the team and yourself. I think he’s done a terrific job here in Sheffield, we perhaps don’t have the points to show for it, but he’s definitely a great coach” he concluded.

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