Adey Report: Two winning coaches, two top teams

2019-03-20 11:58 BST
This is exactly the type of game we’d hoped it could be tonight. Going into the last weeks of the season, we have a Cardiff side that know going unbeaten will see them win the league again; while Glasgow still Read

Adey Report: Nothing certain in either Semi-Final

2019-02-14 14:15 BST
These are the games players want to play in – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Challenge Cup, a League Title, or a Playoffs, players want to get to finals and win trophies. They all count, and it’s why you Read

Adey Report: Flames’ PP vs. Storm’s discipline

2019-01-16 13:28 BST
If you look at the standings at the moment, everything is so competitive. There are not a lot of points between five or six teams, and no guarantees for many of them on making the playoffs. It makes every game, Read

The Adey Report: Russell’s Return

2018-11-14 14:30 BST
Tonight in Milton Keynes is the next live Elite League game on FreeSports, as the Lightning welcome the Glasgow Clan. We caught up with FreeSports analyst Paul Adey to get his thoughts ahead of the live game. It should be Read

THE ADEY REPORT – Belfast Giants vs Guildford Flames

2018-10-10 7:58 BST
There’s another big game live on FreeSports coming as Adam Keefe’s Belfast Giants prepare to play host to Guildford Flames, with two league points up for grabs. To give us the lowdown, former Giants and Nottingham Panthers coach Paul Adey Read

THE ADEY REPORT – Nottingham Panthers vs Cardiff Devils

2018-09-26 8:28 BST
Live ice hockey is back on our television screens tonight when Nottingham Panthers host Cardiff Devils with league points up for grabs, face off 7.30pm. To look ahead to this – and every televised game going forward this season – Read